Important Information

About Mac OS Personal Web Sharing 1.5


Welcome to Mac OS Personal Web Sharing! This "read me" document contains late-breaking information about setting up and using your Web server.

To set up your Web server, see the instructions in "Using Personal Web Sharing" in the Web Pages folder which resides inside the Documents folder at the root level of your hard disk.

New Features:

Personal Web Sharing 1.5 contains the following new features: alias support, upload capability to server, auto flat compression of files for upload or download, ability to copy 'my address' from control panel, and new Preferences window for: port number, activity log, interface to add/edit/delete cgi's and MIME type.

Please read the "Using Personal Web Sharing" html document for further information.

System Requirements:

Mac OS 8.5 or later; Open Transport 2.0 or later; PPC computer. 16mb RAM.

Known Problems:

To enhance performance, BinHex or compress the files that are greater than 20MB with an application like Alladin's Drop Stuff® before putting them in your Web Pages folder.

To avoid possible conflicts with PC Exchange, do not select DOS formatted media as the Web Pages folder. It is recommended that you create an alias to the DOS formatted media on your Mac OS formatted volume in your Web Pages folder.

Be certain that File Exchange is installed before opening the Log file from the Personal Web Sharing control panel. Otherwise, open the Log file from the Finder or any Text editor.

Some Web browsers may print an incomplete version of the file "Using Personal Web Sharing" which contains the instructions for setting up and using a Web server on your computer. If your browser skips some content when it prints the document, copy the text that isn't printed and paste it into another application, such as SimpleText or a word processing program, and then print the text from that program.

In extremely rare cases when sharing a large number of items in a folder, a Personal NetFinder view may run out of memory. The Web Client will get the error "The server could not complete the request at this time because of limited resources (such as out of memory or disk space)." Select the "Preferences" item in the Edit menu of the Web Sharing Control Panel and increase the Memory Allocation for the server to remedy this error.


Thanks and enjoy!

- Personal Web Sharing team.


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Updated 8/98