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Personal Web Sharing

This page is being served from your Mac OS computer. If you're connected to the Internet, you can make it available to everyone in your organization, regardless of the browser or the computer they use.

You'll find sharing files on the Web almost as easy as browsing. Just create your pages and drop them into the Web Pages folder. Apple Personal Web Sharing will make them available to the person in the next cube, the next state, or the network link on another continent.

Quick Start: Setting Up Personal Web Sharing

Here's a quick summary of setting up Personal Web Sharing on your computer.

  1. Read the "read me" document first. It contains late-breaking information about the software.
  2. Read the instructions for Apple Personal Web Sharing, in the document "Using Personal Web Sharing." These instructions provide step-by-step procedures for setup and operation of the software.
    Note: If you want to print the instructions, open the document in your browser and print from it to avoid seeing the HTML tags in the printed copy.
  3. Make sure you have a valid network connection, properly configured for intranet use. (Consult your network administrator or other network expert if you need assistance.)
  4. Turn on Mac OS Personal Web Sharing in the Web Sharing control panel and note the address that appears next to "My Address" in the control panel. (Be sure to copy the address exactly as it appears. If you see two addresses, you can use either one.)
  5. Add the content you want to share to your Web Pages folder.
  6. Give your address to the people on your intranet. They can connect to your server by loading that address in their browser. (See "Using Personal WebSharing.html" for information on limiting access to your server or to parts of its content.)

To make it easy for you to create your own Web pages, we've included several sample files and templates with the Personal Web Server. See the document "Using Sample FilesTemplates.htm" (in the Sample Files & Templates folder) for information about adapting these files for your content.

In addition, you can substitute your own content for the text, graphics, and links in this document to create a customized welcome page. It's named "Default.html" and is in your Web Pages folder.


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